Prestige Rewards

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Prestige Rewards

Post by pur3 heaven on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:48 am

In order to prestige you need following 99's (marked out in white)
NB! You cant be overloaded or have drained or boosted stats when you are going to prestige.

To prestige you do ;;prestiges, You need to unequip all armour and wepons before prestiging

There are prestige shops for 1,5,10,15,20,50 prestiges. ( I recomand getting 10 prestige for the Vampyrism aura, it heals you every time you hit, and are very usefull when bossing.)

The capes are some of the best capes ingame, depends on what prestige you are.

The stats of the other capes are what prestige they are from.

I will upload a prestige guide of how to do it the most effective way later.

Thanks to Pepz and Rafy for helping out.

pur3 heaven

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Re: Prestige Rewards

Post by Rafy on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:53 am

Moved to the appropriate section.

Thanks for contributing Smile


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